Welcome to Christ Church Dark Harbor.  Founded in 1892 as an independent summer chapel on the island of Islesboro, Maine, Christ Church welcomes worshippers of all faiths.   If you have been coming to Christ Church all your life, or are just visiting, we look forward to seeing you this summer.

Clergy for Summer 2021


The Rev. Andrew J. Archie   

Church of St Micheal and St. George

St. Louis, Missouri 

The Rt. Rev. Geralyn Wolf

Diocese of Rhode Island (retired) Diocese of Long Island (assistant)


COVID-19 in Summer 2021 - August Update

Sunday ​Services


 8:00am    Holy Communion


10:00am    Holy Communion or 

                    Morning Prayer

105 Christ Church Road

Islesboro, ME  04848




We are glad to welcome you back to worship at Christ Church Dark Harbor this summer.  However the fight to keep parishioners safe from Covid 19 and its variants continues.


Though CCDH is an independent church, we are affiliated with, contribute to the Episcopal Diocese of Maine, and are led by Episcopal clergy. So for summer of 2021, we will stand advised by the Diocese as we gradually return to our accustomed services.


As of August 1st Waldo county had the highest number of new cases in the state and the CDC has specifically recommended that masks be worn indoors.  Therefore, we are asking all church goers to wear masks at all times when inside the building. 

We have also come to the very difficult decision to suspend all special services such as weddings and funerals until we can be sure that such events can be held without compromising the health of participants.


Maintaining physical distances is not required outdoors before or after service.


We are still allowed to meet at full capacity but encourage people to maintain some measure of social distancing.


We may pass the peace as we did last summer, at a distance. Gradually as we become more confident and more members are vaccinated, we can begin to shake hands and greet one another more closely.


For now, communion will be in one kind, bread only, as last summer, until we grow more confident of our community health and can add the cup.


We can return to the use of hymnals and Books of Common Prayer. They do not have to be sanitized after use.


Last summer we recorded attendance for the purposes of contact tracing if it became necessary. We have the option this summer not to do this though the Bishop noted that if doing so was not burdensome, it might not be a bad idea for the time being.


We also ought to note that the rules regarding best practices during the pandemic will continue to change as the trajectory of the disease changes, as more people are vaccinated, or new, unanticipated outbreaks occur.


All our church community prays that you and yours remained healthy all during our time apart, and if you lost a loved one, know our heartfelt sympathy goes out to you. We look forward with pleasure at gathering together again this summer.