Welcome to Christ Church Dark Harbor.  Founded in 1892 as an independent summer chapel on the island of Islesboro, Maine, Christ Church welcomes worshippers of all faiths.   If you have been coming to Christ Church all your life, or are just visiting, we look forward to seeing you this summer.

Clergy for Summer 2020


The Rev. Andrew J. Archie   

Church of St Micheal and St. George

St. Louis, Missouri 

The Rt. Rev. Geralyn Wolf

Diocese of Rhode Island (retired) Diocese of Long Island (assistant)



Sunday ​Services


 8:00am    Holy Communion


10:00am    Holy Communion or 

                    Morning Prayer

105 Christ Church Road

Islesboro, ME  04848




We are very pleased to be able to welcome you back to worship at Christ Church.

So that our congregation may gather safely we offer the following guidelines from the State of Maine and distilled from diocesan advice from Maine and elsewhere, with invaluable help from the Rev. Archie and the Rt. Rev. Wolf.


Throughout the season, there will be a modified Eucharist at 8 a.m. and Morning Prayer at 10 a.m.  All services will be shorter than usual, and there will be no singing, except for special solo music arranged by Paula Leighton. There will be no Books of Common Prayer or hymnals in the pews, and printed programs will be provided. There will be no ushers or lesson readers. No more than 50 worshippers may attend a service.


The Morning Prayer will be offered here on the website for those who prefer to attend from home. 

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For all services all summer please observe the following:

  • Wear a facemask and maintain a physical distance of six feet between household groups or individuals.

  • Enter by the front door of the church unless you must use the ramp at the west door.

  • Pick up a program at the door and leave your offering in the plate stationed nearby.

  • Find a pew by way of the center aisle.

  • Observe the blue tape markings on the pews, and sit at the end of the pew marked with tape. Household and family groups will sit together, while maintaining at least six feet between them and occupants of the next pew who are not of the family or household.

  • When departing, exit by the side aisles and the side door, depositing the program in the basket provided at the door or taking it home

  • Please avoid handshaking and embraces, and wait until you are outside of the church to converse.


In July:

The Rev. Archie will lead two services each Sunday, a modified Eucharist at 8 o’clock and a Morning Prayer at 10 o’clock.


At the 8 a.m. Eucharist

Expect to receive only the Bread. Approach the celebrant who will be standing at the foot of the steps leading to the Altar. The wafer will be dropped into your hand, then please turn toward the pew you sat in, drop your mask, consume the wafer, then replacing your mask, return to your pew by the side aisle.


In August:

The Rt. Rev. Wolf will also lead two services each Sunday. At the end of July, we will inform you of any changes in our practices generally and to outline what to expect as she conducts services.


A prayer during the 2020 pandemic


Thanks goes to Rebecca Taylor, a retired Christian formation professional from the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts for composing this prayer, and authorizing it to be shared. Posted on the Diocese of Maine website.


Lord Jesus Christ, who fell asleep in a rocking boat before calming a mighty storm; Come to all who are being tossed about by Covid-19. Steady the fears of the healthy, comfort the hearts of the newly diagnosed, and place your steady hand of loving care upon the sick and dying. And as you promised to give us your peace, make us channels of your calm confidence that, steadfast in your assurances, we might model your non-anxious presence in our worried and weary world. This we ask of the Father who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit lives now and forever. Amen.